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Pittsburgh Paranormal Society

The Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is composed of a diverse group of individuals interested in investigating possible paranormal activity and helping those who feel they may be affected by it.

Nicassio Fields Banquet Hall is booking is for 2021 2022 wedding, graduations, showers, and 2020 Holiday Parties. 

Call Ralph: 724-493-2622



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The state of the nation

November  12

Chasing Prophecy Radio Show
UPRN Talk FM 107.7 New Orleans. 
The 2020 election is beyond the scope of normal. 
The state of the nation, voter fraud, watermark conspiracy, Liberty and Justice on the line. 
Tonights guest Christopher Eryx  host of Flex the Truth 
Trump Rally speaker. 
with Hosts, Jennie Nicassio
Shawn Kelly
Jason Iampietro
Live from the Keystone State. 

Jeff Harman and Scott Howard 

November 19


Jeff Harman, second-generation astrologer, is available for all of your personal and business needs. With 45 years of experience, Jeff is a master of Classical, Vedic, and Kabbalistic Astrology. He also draws from many other traditions of spiritual knowledge for clearing people and property of unwanted energies, and he is a consultant for paranormal investigations.


Scott Howard

"My awakening 5 years ago began when I purchased a Nikon P900 camera. I started noticing that what I was seeing with my natural eyes did not match up to what I was seeing through the camera lens. The clouds were too perfect, formed in shapes like boxes, rectangles, triangles - they all looked very obvious to me like fairies, animals, buildings, a whole higher 5D world. The photos are mesmerizing but quite illuminating. Nothing is what it seems." - Scott Howard

John Ventre

November 26

 The UFOLOGIST: The Haunting of John Ventre

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