Pittsburgh Paranormal Society

If you are looking for a paranormal investigations team that strives for the truth, then Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is that team. 

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Pittsburgh Paranormal Society

Shawn Kelly founded the Pittsburgh Paranormal Society, based in Dormont, in 2006 and brought 13 members onboard as fellow investigators. Kelly’s group focuses on assisting those living in homes with suspected paranormal activity.

“We teach our clients why spirits are there and why they are around and how to live and deal with them,” Kelly says. “Spirits aren’t bad. Some of them have a story to tell — some of them want to tell it and may raise a commotion to get attention.”

When the paranonormal society receives a telephone call from a person in distress, they normally start by visiting the home and the residents living there. They interview them and do a walk-through before working to clean out the negative energy.

Judy and Dan McCreary witnessed Pittsburgh Paranormal Society in action when the group came to their New Alexandria home. The McCrearys reside in the Olde Congruity Tavern (circa 1820).

Kelly and his members determined that the McCrearys share their home with a spirit named Maggie (Buchanan) Stewart who lived there in the 19th century.

“Shawn was able to communicate with (Maggie) through the use of their sophisticated, state-of-the art equipment,” Judy McCreary says. “With the assistance of the entire PPS team and their specialized cameras, we were able to witness a most fascinating image of dear Maggie. She remained visible to us for a few minutes and then faded out of our sight, although remaining here at the Olde Congruity Tavern, where she will always have a home.”

The Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is dedicated and takes every case seriously. “We want to help people and help the spirits understand what is going on,” Kelly says. “We give people peace of mind.”

Kelly says as far back as the 1980s, “I began seeing things, hearing things, feeling things that I couldn’t explain. In all my 32 years of experience, I never doubted that spirits (existed). They do exist.”

The Pittsburgh Paranormal Society does not charge for its nonprofit services, but donations are accepted.

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